MagicPlan Real Estate App

Distinct Homes LA · October 13, 2015

icon350x350MagicPlan is one of the most highly trending real estate Apps. This unique App helps you to measure your rooms and draws a floor plan for you without using any measuring tools. All you have to do is take pictures of your room and the plan will be drawn for you. This App has amazing features that interest most of its users. Here are some of the features of this App outlined below:

  • Works Efficiently

The App works efficiently in drawing your room plan. The efficiency is also measured on the speed factor. It takes just a few minutes to draw the plan after taking a picture of each room.

  • Precision

The App is precise in its floor plan drawings. All the right measurements are drawn by this App. The smaller the room, the more accurate the App is.

  • Has in-app videos

There are in-app videos that guide the user on how to use the App in generating their floor plan.

  • Easy to Use

It is quite easy to use this App. The process is clear and precise. There is not even a need to move furniture while taking pictures of the room.

  • Export your Floor Plan in various formats

You can get your floor plan delivered in PDF, JPG, CSV, PNG or DXF format. There is also an option of publishing an INTERACTIVE FLOOR PLAN on the web.


This App best works with iOS powered devices, although it is also available in Android’s Google Play. With MagicPlan App, your floor plan could be completed in just a few minutes.

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