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Detlev Schwabe, Buyer

Back in 2011 a close friend had recommended Jeffrey Fritz to us, when we had just started going to our first open houses. She couldn’t have done us a greater favor: Jeffrey turned out to be amazingly helpful, knowledgable and patient in guiding us on the journey to our first home purchase. And patient he was indeed: it took us a whopping 18 months from beginning to close of escrow. Jeffrey always put in the extra effort, regardless of time or day, talking to the listing agents, pulling comps from previous sales and more to help us determine the real value of a home and what to put into our first offers. Making offers and counter offers on home also turned out to be extremely simple and pain-free: thanks to digital signing everything could be done via email.

When we finally opened escrow Jeffrey and Laura went the extra miles to help making sure that process would go as smoothly as possible by organizing appointments with inspectors, making many, many calls to all the involved parties and always having an open ear for our concerns and questions. Now, about 2 months after close of escrow, the remodeling almost behind us and move-in date set we realize: We couldn’t have done it without Jeffrey and Laura.

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