$500 Million Super Mansion Being Built in LA

Distinct Homes LA · November 4, 2015

Mega MansionHollywood producer, Nile Niami, is building a super mansion on a Los Angeles hilltop, with a price tag of $500 million put on it. With construction still ongoing, the super mansion is expected to be the world’s most expensive house ever sold if it gets a buyer with the asking price of half a billion dollars.

The super mansion will be twice as big as the White House, utilizing 100,000 sq ft of Los Angeles land space. The construction has already begun and it is expected to be completed in less than 2 years. Nile Niami has been at the center of property development for quite some time now, but his latest project has rocked the American real estate industry. It is not just the huge asking price that shocks people but also the amazing features of the mansion. There are extensive features of the house that will match its asking price.

The house will feature a 5,000 sq ft master bedroom equipped with all the imaginable amenities. Within the compound will be a 30-car garage to accommodate the owner’s fleet of cars. A 45-seat cinema will also be included in the main house. The house will also have a personal nightclub and casino. There will be 4 swimming pools within the compound of the house.

Apart from the main house, there will also be 3 other houses within the compound. Located on the hilltop, the property owner will have a perfect view of Pacific Ocean in Bel-Air. All the amenities a person might need in the world will be installed in this property.

The architect of this super mansion has described the house to be similar to a palace. With all the palatial comfort, $500 million is definitely the right price for the property.

If the house is sold at this price, it will more than double the price of the world’s current most expensive house ever sold.

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